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PostSubject: CRITERIA - PLEASE READ BEFORE APPLYING Tue 28 Mar 2017, 11:24 am

When applying for an award, please would you be so kind as to post your application here on the forum. Then a member of staff will take on your application. It has been noted that some of you are PM'ing or emailing us with your applications. This is fine, but we need to have the information here on the forum for us all to keep track of..

Applications are being taken now. A member of staff will advise you if your application has been successful or not. 
All judges are informed by email immediately an application is accepted for consideration by the panel.
Judging will take place over a period of one calendar month from the date the application is accepted. 
If your application is successful, you will be issued with a logo and certificate, which you can collect from this forum, either from the LOGOS thread or the Gallery above.Your award with have an issue date on and also a review date. Your certificate and Logo is valid for 2 years from the date of issue when we will ask for a review of your work, which will mean that we will ask you to supply us with more photos for the judges to assess. Showing an award after your review date has expired, will not be valid. 

If you cannot find your award, please contact Julie via PM. 

When you submit your applications for a PRA*ISE award, please leave you FULL name and Nursery name so we can make your logo as soon as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: The work must be 100% your own - if someone else does your rooting or painting, please do not apply.

Applying couldn't be easier. If you have been selling your reborn babies and/or clothing and accessories on Ebay, to apply you need to join the forum . Please post photos of your work in the PHOTO APPLICATIONS thread, as per the criteria below. Admin Staff reserve the right to refuse applications that do not meet the criteria - APPLIES TO REBORN AND CRAFT. 

Once your application has been picked up by one of our staff, they will let you know and ask you to send them via PM, 10 Positive feedbacks from your customers, please include their Ebay ID or email address. If you do not sell on Ebay, please provide us with email addresses of your customers so that our PRA*ISE Administrators can contact them for a testimonial of your work.
They will not all be contacted, just a few at random. 

When sending in your photos please remember that we can only judge on what we see...there is no need to rush to fulfill the criteria here. A lot of people have done this and sent in photos of their old work, and failed because the work from the old photos is not up to standard. Remember....please send in the best photos of your best work. 

Please supply a minimum of 30, to a maximum of 50 photos from a of selection of reborns/items, not just one or two using the following criteria. No cluster photos please. 

Photograph size preferably 1024x768 but not below 800x600. 

Painting method must be specified (genesis, air drys etc)
Pics must be from at least 5 different babies (FOR ALL THE PHOTOS - NOT 5 BABIES OF EACH PHOTO)
4 photos must be a 
close up of the hands and nails
4 photos must be a 
close up of the feet
4 photos of a 
close up of the eyes for awake babies, eyelashes for sleeping babies
4 close up photos of the mouth
4 photos of the head one from each side and one front view, also a view of the nape
4 photos of the rooting of which two must be a detailed close up or/as well as 4 photos of the painted hair of which two must be a detailed close up
4 photos of the undressed reborn showing body and cable ties.
3 photos of the Reborn WITHOUT any props or paraphernalia in the shot (this means teddy bears, dummies, changing mats, toiletries etc...this does not mean the backgrounds you use to take the photos)
3 photos of the overall doll(this means DIFFERENT DOLLS)


You can submit an application with painted hair babies only if that is your preference, just follow above criteria as for rooted, at least four photos from different babies with detailed close up pics.  


Please submit rooted and painted hair babies as per criteria above, that is four pics of rooting, and four pics of painting from different babies

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PostSubject: Fantasy Entry for Twisted Beanstalk Sun 21 May 2017, 11:45 pm

Personal Gallery of The Twisted Beanstalk Nursery
Fantasy Category for Pra*se award
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PostSubject: Re: CRITERIA - PLEASE READ BEFORE APPLYING Sun 28 May 2017, 1:02 am

Hi .xx..If you wish to apply for an Award you.must make a new thread under this one and show all your pics following the criteria asked for above....all pics must be nice and clear with all the close ups that are asked for...Looking forward to viewing your Application.xx

BEEN JALLAM, going again lol
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