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Welcome to the website, forum, & Live Classes of PRA*ISE©. This acronym stands for 'Promoting Reborn Artistry*Issued Standard of Excellence'.

It's awarded in the field of Reborn & OOAK Arts, and if you reborn, sculpt, create one of a kind babies or fairy/fantasy folk, or make clothes & accessories for reborn babies, you can apply for a PRA*ISE Award.
You will find all the information inside that you need to apply for this award.

The Awards were founded in April 2007, and are the first awards to promote Reborn & Craft Artistry, and also Customer Excellence.Our Administration and Co-Ordination Team of 8 people have a long history of expertise in the area of crafts, reborning, and doll collecting.

Anyone can participate our very relaxed and friendly forum.

We are also the only forum to offer private one-to-one mentoring, led by some of our most talented award winners, and we do not charge for this service either.

Applying for a PRA*ISE Award is not compulsory. You do not have to apply for a PRA*ISE Award if you don't want to. It is totally down to your choice.
There is no time limit and of course, it's NOT compulsory to apply to be a member of our forum.

We are pleased to announce our latest PRA*ISE Award Winners:
Here are our latest Award winners from the Reborn/Sculpting and Craft sections.

Elena Andreeva - RebornBabyLand
Sarah Morelle - La Nurserie des Mirabelles
Irena Petrovic - Irena Laminos Doll
Viktoriya Vishnya - Reborn Baby Doll

Here are our PRA*ISE Elite Award Winners
Ekaterina Zakharova - KaZa Nursery

We are now taking applications for the First Level PRA*ISE Award and our new PRA*ISE Elite Award. Please see below for details of how to apply

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Updated 19th May 2015

Our Artiste Elite Award
We have recently passed the 7th anniversary of the PRA*ISE awards,which were formulated from a very simple idea that all artists would want their customers to know that they had the backing and support of a wider community of artists. As we are all too well aware, there have been highs and lows over those last five years, lots of new reborn artists, wonderful new techniques and the birth of ultra-micro rooting and spectacular painted hair.It is with this in mind that we would like to announce some changes to the PRA*ISE awards and how they are presented.
It is our intention to introduce a new award, an award to 'master artist' standards, this will be called PRA*ISE Artiste Elite, and it will encompass all aspects of the reborn artform. The categorisation for this award will be rigid, as will the photo submission requirements. This will not be a replacement for the standard PRA*ISE award, which will still be valid, but a recognition of the outstanding work which lots of you produce. It is our intention to advertise and promote this new award across the reborn world at large. As of the standard award, it is open for anybody to apply, you dont need a current award, nor to be a forum member. In relation to this, there will be a brand new logo and certificate to reflect the elite status. The award will be reviewed bi-annually to ensure we are living up to expectations
In view of the frequent slumps in the reborn market, we came up with the idea that it would instill more confidence in buyers if they could safely buy a quality item.
Therefore we created the PRA*ISE award which carries a certificate, creed and logo.

The award is based partly on testimonials from customers which are submitted by the applicant, and at least five of those customers will be contacted to verify the level of excellence and customer service, the latter being of tantamount importance. The applicant will then have to submit photographs of their work to the PRA*ISE Judging panel. The panel are made up of 12 award winners who are reborners, crafters, collectors and members of many different forums & guilds.

Since the Channel 4 programme 'My Fake Baby' in 2008, interest in the art peaked, with people starting to reborn, either as a hobby, or because they saw it as a potential money tree.
After the show, we all watched in disbelief as a reborn sold for over 10 thousand pounds, and several since then do achieve recordbreaking sales.

However, the market is also now flooded with an inordinate amount of poor quality dolls, and bad craftsmanship, being sold by people with little or no experience of reborning - and we have ALL seen some really bad examples!

These sellers discredit the real artists, who put a HUGE amount of time, money and skill into creating beautiful babies, sparing no expense for high quality materials.

When a PRA*ISE award is displayed on a listing, the buyer can be assured that they are purchasing from a seller whose reputation has been verified by past buyers, and their own peers.
They are confident that the customer service and standard of reborning is among the best, and that their purchase will stand the test of time.

The PRA*ISE award holder will also build up a credible reputation as a reborner through displaying their logo, and we hope this will lead to repeat custom for you.Joining our friendly forum could'nt be easier and there is a cost of £5 GBP for enrolling members. We charge a fee to cover running costs. although the website is frely hosted, we have to pay for extra storage space for our images because we dont want to limit the size nor amount of images our members can display. We also have other sundry costs, such as competition prizes, raffles and postage of those items. We feel the fee is in line with other forums and that we provide good value for money. To join, simply register and you will be contacted by a staff member regarding your fees. You can pay these by using the subscribe button on this page.

Reborn Artists of the Month Competitions

Here are the winners for Aug and Sept together.

Award Winners

First Place
Michelle Dougan

Jt Second Place
Christine Hutin


Olesya Venger


First Place
Paula Lobato Faria

Jt Second Place
Karen Walker


Elena Lili

Congratulations to you all

:cheers: ::bouncy::: ::bouncy::: :cheers: :cheers: ::bouncy::: ::bouncy::: :cheers:

How to join PRA*ISE
Although the PRA*ISE forum is a member of FreeForums and hosting is free, we do incur sundry costs, such as buying our Domain name, more storage space for images. This website and forum is extremely graphic intense and as we did not want to limit the amount/size/number of images members display it was decided, after much discussion that the PRA*ISE forum would follow a lot of the others and charge a membership fee of £5.00 (5GBP)

We also run raffles and competitions, which are funded by the fees, and also the postage costs associated therewith. We feel that the membership fee is extremely good value for money as we have many member tutorials and a wealth of information from members who are all willing to help and share with others.

If you wish to join, simply complete the registration filling in all of the required fields. If you do not have a nursery name or a website, please put that you don't have one in the field. You will be contacted within 24/48 hours with information on how to pay, so please check your spam/junk folder if your waiting any longer. Please ensure you register using the same e-mail address as your Paypal account to enable us to quickly activate your membership.
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How to Apply for an Award


Reborn With Me

Current PRA*ISE Award Winners

Current PRA*ISE Elite Award Winners

Cherie Banks - Cherie's Little Blessings ~ Expires 6.7.18
Cheryl van Pletzen - Cheza Baby Nursery ~ Expires 4.1.19
Clare Kennelly - Clares Babies ~ Expires 17.11.18
Cristina Maria Ortolani - Bambole del Cuore ~ Expires 4.1.19
Ekaterina Zakharova - KaZa Nursery ~ Expires 25.3.17
Joanna Short - Joanna's Nursery ~ Expires 4.1.19
Michelle Dougan - Miracles de Michelles Nursery ~ Expires 4.1.19
Sharon Roddis - Sprinkles of Fairydust Nursery ~ Expires 4.1.19
Silvia Ezquerra - Silviacreations~ Expires 17.11.18


Reborn Award Winners that hold a current valid PRA*ISE Award

Albie Wentzel**ANGELBABIES ~ Expires 3.9.16
Amelia Williams**AMELIA'S BABIES ~ Expires 15.8.16
Angie Cox**ANGIE'S BABIES ~ Expires 29.11.16
Aylin Yorgancioglu**FAIRYTALES REBORN NURSERY ~ Expires 29.11.16
Barbara Gorman**ANGELIC INSPIRATIONS ~ Expires 29.11.16
Berenice Bouyssi**LA NURSERY CHOCOVANILLE ~ Expires 23.11.16
Caroline Lawes**ROYAL ASCOT REBORNS ~ Expires 22.05.17
Catherine Bignell**MATERNAL CREATIONS ~ Expires 14.11.17
Catherine Turner**KATES CRADLE NURSERY ~ Expires 14.11.17
Cathy King**ANGELIC LULLABIES NURSERY ~ Expires 29.11.16
Charlotte Thorin**ANGEL BABY NURSERY ~ Expires 29.11.16
Christine Benson**GRANNY B'S REBORN NURSERY ~ Expires 29.11.16
Christine Hutin**LE BERCEAU DE CHATONS ~ Expires 20.05.17
Claire Cobley**TOTS REBORN NURSERY ~ Expires 29.11.16
Danielle Zweers**HUGGABLE ART ~ Expires 29.11.16
Debra Davenport**REBORN CLASSICS ~ Expires 16.6.17
Donna Wells**NANA DREAMS NURSERY ~ Expires 29.11.16
Doreen Cleaver**THE THUMBELINA NURSERY ~ Expires 29.11.16
Elaine Colbert**ELLIESBABIES ~ Expires 29.11.16
Elaine Ninnis**SPRING COTTAGE NURSERY ~ Expires 12.4.16
Elena Andreeva**RebornBabyLand ~ Expires 22.5.17
Elena Ryzkhova**REBORN REAL ~ Expires 9.4.17
Emma Robinson**BE MINE ORIGINALS ~ Expires 29.11.16
Evon Nather**HUSHBABIES NURSERY ~ Expires 29.11.16
Fiona Lester**SCRUMPTIONS BABIES ~ Expires 14.11.17
Francisca Padilla**MIMISUENOS ~ Expires 29.11.16
Heather Bilcock**TEN TINY TOES NURSERY ~ Expires 29.11.16
Hilary Harper**LITTLE WHISPERS NURSERY ~ Expires 29.11.16
Irena Petrovic**IRENA LAMINOS DOLL ~ Expires 18.7.17
Jackie Spurway**JACKIE'S BABIES ~ Expires 3.5.16
Jacqueline Kramer**JACKY'S LITTLE HONEYBABIES ~ Expires 27.5.16
Janet Henderson**PEEK-A-BOO NURSERY ~ Expires 29.11.16
Janet Taylor**LITTLE BLOSSOMS NURSERY ~ Expires 29.11.16
Jolanta Bachman**ART REBORN BEAUTIFUL BABY DOLL ~ Expires 3.5.16
Kari Boland**CHESHIRE'S LITTLE CHERUBS ~ Expires 14.11.17
Katerina Karli**KATERINA'S LITTLE STARS ~ Expires 29.11.16
Kellie Stumpe**PEEK-A-BOO BABIES ~ Expires 10.02.17
Kyla Janell**SMALL WONDERS BY KYLA ~Expires 14.11.17
Lidia Torres Exposito**FET A MA REBORN ~ Exprires 18.1.17
Linda Burt**LILBEES REBORN NURSERY ~ Expires 20.11.16
Lynne Hamilton**NANNA'S LITTLE POPPETS ~ Expires 14.11.17
Margherita de Georgi**PUPA PUPAE ~ Expires 29.11.16
Marie Gambus**LA NURSERIE DE MARIE ~ Expires 29.11.16
Marie-Laure Krawczyk**MAGIC DREAMS NURSERY ~ Expires 20.5.17
Marion Thorpe**BABIES FULL OF GRACE ~ Expires 29.11.16
Maxine Shore**DAISY CHAIN NURSERY ~ Expires 29.11.16
Min Li**JUST BABIES NURSERY ~ Expires 29.11.16
Mireille Walker**SWEET CHILD OF MINE REBORNS ~ Expires 29.11.16
Monique Bourgeade**BEBESMONIQUE ~ Expires 7.12.16
Naomi Short**NAOMI'S NURSERY ~ Expires 21.5.17
Nataliya Somova**LITTLE PEARLS NURSERY ~ Expires 22.5.17
Nicola Tidswell**NICOLA'S NURSERY ~ Expires 29.11.16
Olesya Venger**HAPPY BABY NURSERY ~ Expires 14.5.17
Samantha Rose Harker**SAMS REBORN NURSERY ~ Expires 29.11.16
Sarah Morelle**LA NURSERIE DES MIRABELLES ~ Expires 1.7.17
Shirley Jones**SUGAR PLUM NURSERY ~ Expires 29.11.16
Silvia Ezquerra**SILVIACREATIONS ~ Expires 3.5.16
Silvia Prieto Gurrea**LA NURSERY DE SHIRU'S SWEET DOLLS ~ Expires 14.4.16
Siobhan Conn**FOREVER YOUNG REBORNS UK ~ Expires 29.11.16
Stacey Haskins**HASKINS HEAVENLY BABIES ~ Expires 29.11.16
Stephanie Lefebvre**LE PARADIS LES BOUTCHOUX ~ Expires 29.11.16
Tamara Auty**TAMARALEIGH REBORNS ~ Expires 14.11.17
Vahni Gowing**BUTTERCUP BABIES ~ Expires 29.11.16
Viktoriya Vishnya**Reborn Baby Doll ~ Expires 22.3.18


Craft Award Winners that hold a current valid PRA*ISE Award

Bernadette Smallwood**SMALL TREASURES NURSERY ~ Expires 29.11.16
Catherine Bignell**MATERNAL CREATIONS ~ Expires 29.11.16
Catherine Small**CAT'S BOUTIQUE KNITS ~ Expires 14.4.16
Cheryl van Pletzen**CHEZA BABY NURSERY ~ Expires 29.11.16
Donna Michelle Dougan**MIRACLES DE MICHELLES ~ Expires 14.11.17
Fiona Thompson**SHIFIO'S PATTERNS ~ Expires 29.11.16
Jacqui Wheeler**JACQUI'S LITTLE TREASURES ~ Expires 7.12.16
Jean Roberts**DOLLY STITCHES DELIGHTFUL DRESSES ~ Expires 29.11.16
Jill Stevenson**NANNY JILL'S NURSERY ~ Expires 14.11.17
Julie Findleton**BAREFOOT BABY BOOTIQUE ~ Expires 14.11.17
Julie Grimshaw**KRISTALKNITS ~ Expires 29.11.16
Karen Duncan**KAZZY'S BOUTIQUE NURSERY ~ Expires 29.11.16
Lyn Marsh**DAZLYN LITTLE ANGELS ~ Expires 29.11.16
Sandra Darracott**KERNOWKNITTING ~ Expires 29.11.16
Shirley Bowker**ANGEL WINGS CROCHET ~ Expires 29.11.16
Shirley Ross**SHIFIO'S PATTERNS~ Expires 29.11.16
Tiina Hoddy**PICCOLISSIMO BABY ~ Expires 29.11.16

For a list of expired award holders, please click here

Updated 16th June 2015
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